The dimension of the ‚Digitale Transformation‘ is comparable with the phase of industrialisation, covers all areas of life and the speed is increasing constantly. Parallel, a new generation together with the globalisation process since the 80s leads to significant change of paradigms in business and in the relation between humans – no matter if consumers, employees or superiors.

Change will be part of culture and organisations und management will have to adopt adequatelly.

Further thoughts to that you will find in my blog about Digital Transformation.


Personal responsibility, the need to develop an independent, authentic profile is growing for each individual. At the same time, with all the changes, it is important, to develop your own compass and to set limits at the right moments.

More and more decision makers in companies start asking themselves, whether the reports surrounding Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft & Co as well as topics such as privacy, Big Data, Digital Transformation, etc also could hit their business model?

It will! The only question is when, how profound and at where in the supply chain. The solution is to recognize the opportunities and to advance into new business fields, based on your own strengths.

„Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” This quote by Peter Drucker sums it up in a nutshell!

In any case, it will be essential to adapt the organization, the culture, the way of thinking and taking action to the new conditions in order to make the company more resilient. Innovations are created in the minds of the employees. For that they need an appropriate framework to develop themselves and their ideas from their own initiative and promote them collaboratively.

More deliberations can be found in the blog about the impact of the paradigm shift.


In such a transformation phase the view from outside is often important. Someone who is not part of the system, making independent reviews and who accompanies this process target and result oriented. With my vast experience, I support you in the following areas:

Business Creation

Each change starts with a finding. As part of a status quo analysis, I work with you to customize your starting situation. Where does your company, product or industry stand in the context of digital transformation? Where in the supply chain could potential „competitors“ attack and where could they come from? If necessary, I will also support this phase, by creating understanding for the need for change in the form of lectures and seminars.

As an impetus, I will develop with you a realistic, pragmatic vision and digital strategy with product profiles, business models and business case. Based on the current status of the product and the competition, we derive what is achievable in the medium term and what sets itself apart from the competition as an overall concept.

Now comes the most important discipline: The implementation!

Once the target has been fixed, I will take the baton and put your ideas on track with flexibility and creativity. If necessary I acquire a suitable team or resort to an existing one.

I am happy to make myself available for a first sparring interview. A simple mail with your contact information is sufficient. I’ll get back to you post-haste.

Digital marketing

The communication between businesses and consumers has changed dramatically. Consumers nowadays exchange views and acquire information on products and companies in a variety of ways and sources – from social networks, to blogs and review sites. With many companies, customer service via social media has already been fully integrated.

Since 2009 I have intensely studied social media strategies and in particular social media monitoring and analytics as a basis for analytical, in-depth marketing in this heterogeneous and complex environment.

This experience, is what I offer when it comes to developing digital communication strategies and concepts and implementing social media monitoring application into the organization.

Personal profiling and mentoring

The digital transformation is already taking place in the professional world. In recent years, entirely new occupations and requirements have emerged. Who would have looked for „Social media experts“, „Shop managers“, „Software architects“, „Agile coaches“, „Front and back end developers“ or „Product managers with design thinking experience“ 10 years ago?

The professional world will continue to differentiate, specialize and develop at high speed. The „digital“ is increasingly being merged with „real“ life. Making a clear, consistent profile of yourself even more important.

We will develop an authentic positioning, based on your personal career history, current capabilities and individual motives and desires, which serves as a constant line for your own development and outward appearance.

The objective is to develop a framework, within which the client can derive and design his future career steps. If required, complementary concepts and strategies for a digital presence, such as websites, blogs or business communities, can be developed.

I offer an individual analysis of the personal motivational structure, based on the Reiss profiles for individuals, as a building block. In a two-hour evaluation interview, you will find out what really drives you and what influence motif combinations can have. As a result, this knowledge leads to a better understanding of your own behavior, more self-acceptance and it promotes the perception towards others.

Innovative Team Development

Effective teamwork will be critical to future success. However, it is not about a team for the teams‘ sake. But to combine the right and complementary skills and personalities in a useful manner, to effectively achieve a common goal.

The challenge is to convert the partially intentional diversity of personalities into forward-only, result-oriented action and not into energy-consuming conflicts.

My solution to provide a complete, sustainable team development process is based on the concept of the Hamburg Cochingcontor and considers both the cognitive plane and the motif plane.

This means, in order to have a result-oriented team performance, it is important to have a common, recognized strategy and to define roles and processes. The foundation of the cooperation of people however, is determined by the individual motives.

The goal is to make these two levels visible to all team members, to promote mutual understanding and to identify „glue“ and „explosives“ in a team…

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Over 15 years of experience in marketing, management and change in large corporations, passion for change and strong identification combined with the advanced qualification of a ,Reiss Profile Master‘ for a better understanding of individual motivational structures, form the basis for my consulting services.

My enthusiasm for new technology was laid early. As far back as the 1990s I wrote seminar papers on „Corporate culture“ or „Intranet implementation into large companies“. While I was working at OTTO, at the very beginning of my professional life, I was able to witness, how the world’s first mail order company went online with its entire range of articles. On my stations since then technological change always accompanied me.

See the blog about my personal retrospective, for further information.

The focus of my actions is to develop people and teams and to bring them to optimal, intrinsically motivated performance development. In this I am guided by a high level of initiative, creativity, flexibility and strategic thinking skills and a strong goal orientation.