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The Reiss Profile at a glance:


  • To visualize the whole personality and the interaction of motifs.
  • To understand what really motivates us, what puts us under stress and makes us emotionally insecure.
  • To determine our strengths, how we achieve goals and where we should set limits at an early stage.
  • To raise the understanding of the behavior of others and reduce energy-wasting conflicts.


  • Increasing of the perception and tolerance of others.
  • Sharpen the own authentic profile.
  • Strengthening of culture and leadership by intrinsically motivated colleagues.
  • Hiring of employees that meet the job demands.
  • Creation of effective teams with complementary personalities.
  • Identification of the causes of conflicts as a basis for forward collaboration.


  1. Booking and payment of your personal Reiss Profile
  2. Individual appointments for the personal appraisal session
  3. Personal evaluation session and sending of the personal Profile


  • Detailed introduction to the history and functioning of the Reiss Profile.
  • The Reiss Profile can represent up to theoretical profile combinations.
  • Individual analysis of the personal Reiss profile, in particular of the motif combinations.
  • Personal, one-hour appraisal session – via telephone or video conference.
  • Including license fee of the Reiss Profile Germany GmbH, transaction and payment fees.
  • Coaches and consultants get a free briefing about their clients
  • Special conditions for acceptance of multiple packages on request.

Target Group

  • People who want to determine their location, entirely understand themselves, and want to develop their own compass.
  • Couples who want to gain more understanding of the behavior of their partners.
  • Teams that want to work together effectively and reduce emotional conflicts.
  • Coaches and consultants who see a motive analysis of their client as base or supplement of their work.
  • Companies that want to individually train and develop their employees and executives.


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Sascha Adam

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„Die sehr pointierte und anschauliche Analyse meiner Persönlichkeit durch Sascha hat mir an einigen Stellen nachhaltig die Augen geöffnet.“

Gregor Weiss, 32

Founder, Plan B 3 D und Bewegtbildagentur

„Bereits direkt nach dem Auswertungsgespräch mit Sascha Adam halfen mir die aufschlussreichen Hinweise aus meinem Profil für meine beruflichen Herausforderungen.“

Sven Müller, 45

Abteilungsdirektor, Berenberg Bank

„Meine Persönlichkeit auf einen Blick zu sehen hat mir sehr kurzfristig geholfen konsequenter meine Bedürfnisse zu leben und weiter an Authentizität zu gewinnen.“

Nadine Rogge, 31

Singer & Vocalcoach, BeFlyMusic

„Das wertefreie Reiss Profile und das methodische, individuelle Vorgehen von Sascha haben mich absolut überzeugt.“

Mark Poppenborg, 32


„Unerwartet habe ich aus meinem Reiss Profile und dem Gespräch mit Sascha privat und beruflich einige wertvolle Erkenntnisse gewonnen.“

Bernd Oestereich, 49

Founder, oose. Innovative Informatik

„I was surprised how precise and individual the Reiss Profile works. Sascha did a great job in creating a picture of my personality and understanding the causes of emotions.“
Jim Walker, 54

Actor, Coach, Founder MartzWalker