Building digital business units

Due to digitalisation, an almost limitless global expansion is possible. The old and new global platforms like Google, Facebook, AirBnB, and Spotify show us this repeatedly. One can assume that there is at least another team in the world that is working on the same idea. Conclusion: speed & innovation matters!

It is not about size, but about problem solving, relevance, authenticity, and the will to pursue a vision. In the end, business areas are products for users and customers. This knowledge is not a new digital ground, but it was long established in management research – and is a specialty of the German middle-sized companies.

My offer is to lead this process of growth. My strength lies in,

  1. To create, to communicate and to hold a strategic view,
  2. To put together and to develop a complimentary team,
  3. To respond flexibly to changes, to achieve the target oriented results, and
  4. To handover a well-established organization.