After more than 15 years in various marketing functions and management positions in large corporations, I am now again on my way into self-employment.

My impression is that ‚digital‘ and ‚real‘ life will merge more and more. Hence the decision to start my own presence in the digital world.

As I act neither in the function of a journalist or scientist, I raise no claim to absolute completeness. Using this blog, I would like to express my personal thoughts and I appreciate any constructive comment.

Here I will share my past and future experiences and findings and I will start with a retrospection of my previous professional positions.

Already by the dawn of the new digital world during my time at OTTO VERSAND HAMBURG in the mid / late 90’s, I was fascinated by the possibilities of this beginning area. When Otto brought his complete catalogue on CD-ROM and short time later on, I was one of the early testers in an exciting period. Influenced by this development, I decided to work on student research projects on „Corporate Culture“ and „Implementation of an Intranet in large enterprises“.

Later at DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, or rather T-Online and T-Mobile, in mid / late 2000, I experienced the change (considered quite disruptive at the time) from ISDN to DSL technology, which was accompanied by a change in the business model and the parallel introduction of „Coaster tariffs “ – a revolution at that time, which lead to an enormous sales success. At the same time, digital marketing channels were becoming increasingly important. With the merger of T-Online and T-Com, the associated organisational changes became reality and for the first time „Change“ had a face for me.

At Lycos I made the experience that even Internet pioneers on their way into the new digital world can quickly lose their lead. Also to realize how hard it is to build sustainable business models with emerging communities and entertainment approaches.

My subsequent path to self-employment in 2009 led me to specializing in the field of social media with a focus on social media monitoring. With the help of the book, ‚Grown Up Digital‘ by Don Tapscott, I had conceived that social media would not be just another marketing channel, but that this was the impact of a global generation change. Essentially, I was concerned with the question of how one can systematically collect this unstructured communication for marketing purposes and, at best, control it .

I have experienced the most serious upheaval so far at Axel Springer in the last 4 1/2 years – an industry that is undergoing change along its entire value chain: Starting with the content creation (what added value does an editor or publisher offer?), via the use of media (digital vs. print, mobile vs. stationary), distribution (changing distribution structures), to new competitors (eg. Bloggers, Google, Facebook) .

Against this background and the unpredictable speed of transformation, I find it remarkable with which consistency and sense of timing this conversion process of organizations that have developed over decades, is actively being designed – at least by some players and especially Axel Springer.

It is difficult, however, to predict to what extent these efforts will achieve an effect in the international context in due time.

Essential finding:

Speed, scope and complexity of the digital transformation are increasing rapidly.

Future developments can hardly be estimated. Learned methods are experiencing a paradigm shift. The concepts of „authenticity“ and „Long Tail“ play key roles. More on that in a next post …